You're in control

To give you maximum control over the way you cool your house, we have three compact wall controllers to choose from. Available in manual and automatic models, each controller is easy to read, unobtrusive and technologically advanced, without being unnecessarily complicated to use.

The Networker

The Networker can operate in either Auto or Manual modes. In Auto mode, you set your own comfort level, then leave the rest to the Networker. It will maintain the level you have chosen by automatically adjusting the cooler to increase or decrease the fresh cool air coming into your home.

The Networker also allows you to pre-set the time the cooler turns on or off.

The Networker is the only cooler wall controller on the market that uses advanced Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology to clearly and uniformly backlight the display screen.

Other features include text messages keeping you informed of the coolers operation, a "kiddie" lock and the ability to control your Brivis heater form the same controller.


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The Programmable Controller

The Programmable Controller can operate in either auto or manual modes. In auto mode, you set the comfort level you desire then leave the rest to the controller. It also has a timer to turn the cooler on or off.


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The Manual Controller

The Manual Controller allows you to turn on the fan or pump or both and to alter the fan speed to your desired setting.


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Key Points

  • Available in manual and automatic modes.
  • Technologically advanced.
  • Easy to use.


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